quick house update


It’s almost been four months since Tyler and I moved into this house! Wow! Time goes by too fast. Anyway, four months later, I’m finally feeling like our house is to a point of being “done”. Okay, not done. Not even “done”. But “done” enough to share. Our home will never ever be done, and I love that. We are always moving stuff, rearranging things, swapping stuff out, and building new furniture for our home (yes, Tyler has built most of the furniture you will see here). One of my favorite past times is redecorating. It’s so fun to move things around and see how everything looks in a different spot. It also keeps things fresh without spending any money on new stuff. ┬áSo now, I want to take you on a tour of what our home currently looks like, though, it has already changed a bit since taking these photos.

First, our living room/dining area.


Now, on to the kitchen.


(Yes, that is the GE Fridge we restored… I’ll post about that soon!)

And our bedroom..


And finally, the bathroom…


I definitely plan to post another tour with more detailed photos in the future. I want to wait until we have finished our “to-do/to-build” list!