day trip: julian, ca

We love Julian. Have you ever been there? Heard of it? Surely you’ve heard of the famous pies?? Anyway, this is a little town about 1 1/2 hours east of us. It’s such a fun little spot to visit for a quick getaway!

Half of the fun of this trip is the drive. Sure, you could take the 78 freeway almost the whole way and get there a lot faster. Or, you could take back roads like we do and enjoy beautiful farms and orchards, winding roads and crazy views.

Once we arrived, we parked by the Old Well. This place is so curious to me. It’s a record store, and right in the middle of the building is the original Julian well. What makes this store really odd though, is every time we have ever been to Julian, it’s closed. On the way, I picture the places we will visit, this being one of them. And sadly, every time we pull up, it’s closed. Maybe one day we will have better luck with it.

I love all of the little shops. The names. The painted signs. The decorations. The houses. This town is so fun! I feel like I find something new with each visit.

After lunch, we came outside and it was raining! Yes! Exactly what we came for. A hot day with thunderstorms. I don’t know why thunderstorms seem really romantic to me, but it was the perfect setting for our little day date.

We walked around a bit, and took shelter in one of the shops. This particular store goes down a level to where all of the antiques are sold. The tin roof made the rain sound incredible, and the thunder echoed through the building! It was so fun!

People were running around freaking out about the rain. I thought it was funny people didn’t check the weather before visiting. I always check the weather before I go somewhere different. It was nice entertainment though.

We stopped into the Julian Cider Mill for some goodies. This is my favorite place to pick up jams, bbq sauces, granola, cider, honey, etc!

Once we were thoroughly soaked, we decided to call it a day and head home. On the way back down, we stopped in Ramona. That was a fun new place to check out. I think we will spend more time in Ramona soon!

Where is your favorite place to get away for a day??