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paleo bagels

As I mentioned in my last post, Tyler and I have been eating about 95% paleo. We have our few exceptions, me: coffee creamer, Tyler: beer, and a few random treats in-between. But, as much as we both love the effects this lifestyle has on our bodies, there are some things we really miss now and then. Like bagels.

Turns out, there are a ton of paleo (or “low carb”) options. This is the second recipe I’ve tried, and I really love how it came out!

You can find the full recipe and instructions here. I would rewrite them, but honestly the only thing I changed was omitting the garlic powder so I could enjoy these with pumpkin cream cheese (not paleo, I know, but it’s hard to resist a good pumpkin treat this time of year).

Don’t forget to toast it and add your favorite toppings!

HappySnaps 11

Hello. Where have I been?? I’ve been, busy. I know, I hate that excuse too. But it’s true! And when you’re busy, sometimes fun things like blogs can start to seem like a chore. And once this feels like a chore, I won’t want to do it anymore, so I took some time off.  I promise I will try to keep updating as much as I can, but with holidays and birthdays looming, I can’t promise how much.

Here’s a quick HappySnaps for a peek into what we’ve been up to!

As usual, we’ve been moving around furniture. And Robin has been enjoying all of the new spots to hang.

And sleep. Lot’s of sleeping. Jolene joins in too.

This ^^^^, is sort of big news! This is my beloved car. We have been working on it for almost two years (in December)! Sadly, it has been sitting at a mechanic’s shop for almost a year while he “worked” on it. This car has basically been a really big lesson for us, but it’s home now and so so so close to being done. I’ll post a whole blog on the story of this car, what exactly we are doing to it, and why it’s taking so long.

Some more news, we have gone Paleo! Seeing this new craze all over the internet, I started to wonder what the whoop was about. So when we got home from our anniversary road trip, we took the plunge and went full Paleo for a month. Well, we have loved it so much we have decided to keep going with it. The effects this way of eating has had on our bodies is incredible! I no longer get hungry every two hours, or have major blood sugar crashes or digestive issues. We feel more energetic ad have been sleeping better. Over all, it has been a huge improvement in our daily lives. And the best part is, it really wasn’t even that hard to adjust. I am always up for a challenge in the kitchen, but most of the meals I have made have been super quick, easy, and low on dishes! With the holidays coming up, we know it is not realistic to be 100% strict with this lifestyle, especially while dining at friend’s houses (no one likes a picky guest right?). But doing this has also helped us to automatically make healthier choices, when the healthiest and most ideal choice isn’t available.

In other news, we have been soaking up as much of the lasting warm summer weather that we can, knowing it is going to cool down very soon. We are both excited for fall and winter, but that still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of the unseasonably hot days right?

And finally, look at that. A tiny bell pepper. In our own garden. That we grew. I can’t wait for it to be full grown and ready to eat! We’ve already had our first Meyer lemon from our little tree! It was delicious!

What has been going on in your world?

quick house update

It’s almost been four months since Tyler and I moved into this house! Wow! Time goes by too fast. Anyway, four months later, I’m finally feeling like our house is to a point of being “done”. Okay, not done. Not even “done”. But “done” enough to share. Our home will never ever be done, and I love that. We are always moving stuff, rearranging things, swapping stuff out, and building new furniture for our home (yes, Tyler has built most of the furniture you will see here). One of my favorite past times is redecorating. It’s so fun to move things around and see how everything looks in a different spot. It also keeps things fresh without spending any money on new stuff.  So now, I want to take you on a tour of what our home currently looks like, though, it has already changed a bit since taking these photos.

First, our living room/dining area.

Now, on to the kitchen.

(Yes, that is the GE Fridge we restored… I’ll post about that soon!)

And our bedroom..

And finally, the bathroom…

I definitely plan to post another tour with more detailed photos in the future. I want to wait until we have finished our “to-do/to-build” list!

steps to clean an old porcelain sink

When Tyler and I moved into our 1940’s home, one of my favorite aspects was this beautiful porcelain sink. After a couple weeks of living here, I started to notice how awful our sink was looking. Then I started to worry… What if I ruined this old sink?? Was I really so rough on it? I’ve always dreamed of having a white (preferably farmhouse style) sink, but, was it really worth it? Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Are we going to lose our deposit because of this? Help!

Ugh. Look at that. After a few minutes of panic, I decided to (duh) Google it. Someone else has to have an old dingy sink right? Surely someone figured this out? I’m usually the type to just go for it, but I didn’t want to maybe cause any (more) damage to the sink. Here is what my Googleing found, and what worked best for me!

First, spray the sink with Tilex. (The website said to put paper towels down on the wet surface to hold it to the porcelain. Well, we don’t buy paper towels. It’s so much more cost efficient and environmentally friendly to keep rags under the sink. The first time I did this I just left it open and did not cover the Tilex, but I really had to watch our cats like a hawk to make sure they didn’t play in the sink. I did want to try the paper towel method though, for comparison. And, FYI, I didn’t notice any difference in the outcome.) I let it sit for about an hour, and then rinsed it away.

WHOA! Right?? Where’d the nasty yellow go?? It’s so white!! Really, only an hour of patience and it already looks so much better. (If the stains are really bad, you can let it sit overnight, though the Tilex bottle warns against prolonged use on porcelain. It’s up to your discretion.)

Okay, now how about those black and silver scuffs. These freak me out. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they look like veins. I don’t know. Anyway…

I was shocked (!) when I read to use glass cook top cleaner on the scuffs. Really? It just seems so… wrong! Well it isn’t. It’s all sorts of right. Luckily we had some from our last house that had a glass top stove. Squirt some on the scuffs, and scrub away. I use a scrubby rag from Target.

Look at that. Dang. I barely even had to use any effort to get the scuffs off. They basically just wiped off. So cool!

Once your sink is nice and clean, dry it thoroughly and marvel at how pretty your sink looks. After it is completely dry, you can buff it with car wax for a longer life in between stains and scuffs. It preserved the niceness of our sink for a little while, but not enough for me to really do it each time.

What are your best methods for cleaning??