HappySnaps 10


Happy Thursday! Thursday means it’s almost Friday! Friday is my second favorite day of the week.


Last week we found this little nest of eggs hidden behind the shed. We thought one of our girls had stopped laying and were kind of worried. Turns out she had found a new little spot for them! 8 eggs! Phew!


We’ve really been settling in and getting everything decorated in the house. It feels more lived in now and more like home every day. I’ll post some updated photos of all the rooms soon!


This is another room that has changed a ton in our home. It’s amazing what some rearranging and purging can do for a room! This room went from cringe worthy to one of my favorite spots in the house!


A couple weekends ago we went wine tasting with my sister and her husband! So fun! Tyler and I have never been wine tasting, so this was a fun new experience.


I bought a new cookbook and have been making so many delicious recipes from it! This recipe is for spinach tortellini with mushroom cream sauce. I paired it with my homemade bread, broiled with herb and garlic butter on top. The book is called One Pan Two Plates. It’s my new favorite! We have yet to be disappointed by a recipe! And, afterward, there’s hardly any dishes to do! Score!


We also got to babysit this little guy last week! He is so much fun! Such a treat to be around him.


And finally Robin. Oh, Robin. This girl and her boxes. This box has been her home for three days now. I can’t bring myself to throw it away. She loves it so much!


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