five tips for road trips!

Our anniversary is coming up next month, and to celebrate we decided to go on a road trip to Santa Cruz!  Tyler and I have been on a few mini road trips together, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips to make the most out of your trip!

simple omelet ll

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

This is so important! This will set you up for a great trip, I promise. Most likely, you’re leaving early. Take the time to make breakfast, don’t grab a bite on the way. Even if it’s some quick eggs, or even cereal, it will make a difference on your trip. No one wants to start off the trip hangry, right?

2. Music Everyone Agrees On

This one might seem obvious, but have you ever been on a road trip (hello family vacations) and someone puts on music that just makes your skin crawl? Or, your companion plays the same CD for 5 hours straight (guilty). It’s smart (and fun!) to plan some music ahead of time. Make a playlist that’s a nice mix of everyone’s favorite bands. Or make sure your iPod has a big variety of genres. Music sets the mood and tone and you don’t want someone, including yourself, to feel anxious or annoyed.

3. (Healthy) Snacks!

I know, it might seem tempting to grab that bag of chips at the gas station. Or that candy bar. Or soda. But having something healthy to snack on will keep your mood and blood sugar levels up! This means less bickering and stops along the way! Sugars and dyes in processed foods do a number on our systems and our moods. Don’t let that affect the road ahead! Healthy snacks will keep you fuller longer, so no need to pull over for another bag of chips (yikes)! And, trust me, there will be lots of opportunities to to indulge on delicious food once you get to your destination.

4. Games + Activities

There are plenty of games that you can play with everyone, another passenger, or even yourself! Do some research online and find what sounds most fun to you! It will keep those long stretches of “nothing” from seeming so… long. We like to bring MadLibs and cards for handheld Solitare. There are also some fun verbal games that don’t require any “tools” to play!

5. Map Out Sights

It’s no secret that I love lists and being organized. Without lists, I find myself feeling overwhelmed and worried about forgetting something. Even if you’re not like me, I really recommend this list. It’s always smart to plan ahead and make sure you get to see what you want to see. Plan out where you’re going, what you have time for, and what you want to make time for. I hate the feeling of getting home and realizing we forgot to stop somewhere along the way. Or passing something, and thinking Oops, I’ll catch it on the way back! And then, not. Also, doesn’t it feel good to cross stuff off lists?? No? Just me? Okay.

We are so excited to hit the road next month!

What are some of your Road Trip Tips??


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