restyle a filing cabinet

When we moved into our little two bedroom house, I was so excited to finally have a space to store, well, stuff. I had big plans for Tyler to build a desk right when we moved in. I quickly realized that was a little bit further out than I had planned. So I started thinking, what could I put files in? We don’t have many, just some tax folders and vet files for our kids. But still, these files needed a designated area. I kept thinking, why do filing cabinets have to be so ugly? Wait. They don’t have to be! I remembered something I saw on pinterest about painting a filing cabinet and putting wood on the top. The wood top was a little more work than I wanted for this quick fix, so I kept it simple with a new paint job.

I found this on CraigsList. It took me a while because filing cabinets are more expensive than I had hoped. So, I waited until I found one in my price range. $10!

First, take the drawers out and take the hardware off of the drawer faces. Wipe it down with a dry cloth to get any dust or cobwebs off. Yeah, mine had cobwebs.

Then start spraying! I used one can for the whole thing. I didn’t prime or sand it because aside from opening and closing the drawers, it won’t get banged around much. You can sand/prime if you want.

After the paint completely drys, put it all back together and put the hardware back in. Then, bring it inside and fillerup! I love this project because it took half a day, but was a huge transformation! Also, it’s so cute now, we use it as a side table in the second bedroom. It’s not only functional, but now a fun piece of furniture.

What functional but cute items fill your home??


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