kid intro #3, meet robin

Tyler and I lead a really busy life. Jolene was fine with that. Until we brought home Trae. She started to realize she was missing out on something seeing Trae leave the house with us and come home with us every day. She started getting really needy. At first, we both loved the extra attention from our mostly independent lady. Then we started feeling really bad, like Jolene might like a sidekick. So, we made the really big decision to bring another kitty into our home. Along came Robin Savannah Craig Moyer. Robin coming from Batman, since we always call Jolene “Batman”. Craig is an inside joke, but it comes from “crazy”. Yeah.

When Tyler and I went to the shelter to pick her up, Robin was super standoffish. She wouldn’t even look at us. And when her cell mate tried to rub against her, she yawned and walked to the other side of the cage. We kind of worried if they would even pay attention to each other, defeating the purpose of getting Robin. But, it was worth a shot.

We brought her home and put her in the bathroom to keep them separate. Cats are very fickle and territorial, and the last thing we wanted was for Jolene’s new sidekick to make a bad impression. Plus, most cats need some time to settle into a new home, and it’s best to start them in a small room before unleashing them on the whole house. With Robin, this wasn’t the case. We opened her carrier and she ran out and jumped right in my lap purring like crazy. Tyler brought Trae in the bathroom to see how she would react to a dog. Something we probably should have considered before we brought her home. To our surprise, she ran up to him, head butting under his chin, purring and licking him. Tyler and I looked at each other in complete astonishment.

Introducing the two cats was a bit slower. Jolene was not happy about Robin. For a long time. Now they are inseparable. We see them playing, cleaning, napping, fighting. A pretty traditional Batman + Robin relationship.

One of my favorite things about Robin are her little quarks. She is so funny! If you leave out anything, like a box or a laundry basket, be assured she will make it into her bed.

She also is wildly adventurous. I have found her in the craziest places! She climbs all the way to the top of our closet. Without making a mess!

Oh yeah. She also likes to sit behind curtains, walk on door casings, and catch flying feathers. Hence the middle name coming from “crazy”. She is. In a good way.

She also such a lover. Such a polar opposite from the front she was putting on at the shelter. She loves to sit in your lap and purr. And purr…..

We love this little girl so much, and she brings so much joy to our lives. She provides constant love and entertainment. Plus, she follows Jolene around and loves her so much. Exactly what we had hoped for.


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