HappySnaps 9


Happy Monday! I figured I’d start this week off right with a HappySnap. That pretty much guarantees it’ll be a good week right?


We have been spending so much time working in the yard. But having lots of fun while doing it too!


Tyler put up a real screen door! So much better than the security gate we had before.


Mmmm cold brew coffee! I always have wanted cold brew, but never had a good place to get it all the time. Now Trader Joe’s makes it. And, it’s delicious!


We have been doing tons of decorating and redecorating trying to find the best fit for our new spaces. I really love how our room is coming along. It is so much neater and brighter than our last room. At the condo, our room was pretty much a “shove this junk in here” room since we didn’t have any sort of “office” space that our second bedroom here provides now.


This is one of my favorite views in the house. And the other night, Robin joined me for some dishes. Always a bonus to a not so fun task.


Last but not least, we added four more to our brood! From bottom to top, Dixie, Doodle, Dot + Dolly. It’s been so fun learning about these girls and taking care of them. The best part is searching for eggs! Everyday we get so happy to find two perfect little brown eggs. I can’t wait till Dot and Dolly are old enough to produce. Four eggs almost every day! But the absolute best part about getting these girls, was Trae’s reaction! His two main breeds are both great for herding. And guess what he did the minute we let them out of their carriers? He chased them around all evening, nipping at their heels keeping them in line!


Yesterday we finished building this fence for the girls. They roam our whole yard, but we still wanted an area to contain them in sometimes, without resorting to shoving them in their coop.

What filled your week with happy??


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