kid intro #2, meet traeger

This is Traeger Brickwalker Moyer. Yes, named after this certain Traeger. And his middle name is from a Maylene and the Sons of Disaster song. He is three years old, 20 pounds, part Sheltie, part Pomeranian, and all smiles. Seriously. On the rare occasion he will give you those sweet puppy dog pet-me-give-me-a-treat eyes as seen above. But most the time, you can count on a smiling pup.

Okay, he sleeps a lot too. Everyone comments on how “chill” this dog is. And it’s true, he is very “chill”. If you hold him, he will slowly but surely start to drift off to sleep in your arms. But, he also is a happy, energetic, so-happy-to-see-you-he’s-going-to-explode kind of guy.

We adopted Trae a year and a half ago. It was a really random, and probably rash decision, but he was so cute and needed a home. How could we leave the shelter without him?  So, off we drove, with the newest Moyer in tow.  It took a while to figure out his name. He was Soloman at the shelter. It just wasn’t right for him. We threw around so many names for quite a few days. One day, I called him Trader, because I love Trader Joe’s. But it didn’t seem right to call my dog a trader. Then Traeger popped out of my mouth. I couldn’t remember where that name came from but that was the first name I said that Trae even responded to. Then, after a second Tyler said, “Chris Traeger! Parks and Rec!” Duh! He and Trae are like soul mates. Both equally happy, eager, excited, energetic, etc etc. So, there he was: Traeger Moyer.

I’m not going to lie. We got really lucky with him. Adopting a dog is a gamble. But to this day, I still can’t see why he was in the shelter. He is so loving, (mostly) obedient, has pretty good manners, and has never had any sort of aggressive outbreak. I mean, this guy gets slapped and tugged on by our nephews all the time. And his response is to lick their faces. Or hide, if he’s had enough (which isn’t often). This dog is a lover, down to the bone. He and Robin play together. Clean each other. Nap together. It’s awesome.

He is also a really good size. Not too big for me to handle (I can still pick him up if I want), and not too small for Tyler (where people might laugh at him for having a pip-squeak dog).

We are so lucky to have this little pooch in our family, and we love him so much.


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