the grandview

I love basil. It’s just so refreshing and, well, delicious. Lately I have been seeing recipes for drinks using basil. Color me curious.

The Grandview – makes one

2 oz apple vodka

fresh basil

strawberries (optional – mine were soaking in sangria since our last party… yeah, drunk berries, I recommend it)

apple juice (just a splash)

lemon sparkling water

Roll up your basil leaves. Use as much as you want. I love basil, so I went a little crazy. Slice the basil into strips.

Add the sliced basil and some strawberries to your glass. Muddle the heck out of these. Since my berries had been soaking for two weeks, they turned to mush. Delicious mush. Add some ice. Pour in vodka, a splash of apple juice, and fill the rest with sparkling water. Mix. Sip. Relax.

This drink is so light and refreshing. We named it The Grandview after our new house. This house is such a refreshing new chapter in our lives. And this drink just fit that little description so well.

Do you love basil as much as I do??


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