dinner with friends


Having friends over for dinner is one of our favorite things to do. I love cooking, and I love sharing my creations with people I love. It makes me so happy seeing something I made make someone smile. We used to have friends and family over all the time for dinner. Since we moved, we just haven’t had time or energy to do it. Finally the other night we had newlyweds Jed and Gabi over! I missed doing this!


For dinner we had honey mustard chicken, homemade biscuits, and roasted veggies with honey mustard dipping sauce (Yeah, I’ve been on a honey mustard kick… recipe soon!)


For dessert I kept it simple. Vanilla pudding with chocolate chips. It was such a nice cold treat on a really hot day.


Dinner was really good. I was nervous it would be lackluster because I forgot to go shopping before dinner and just threw something random together. It ended up being really delicious. The honey mustard added a lot of dimension to this simple meal.


Tyler and I love hanging out with our friends, but Trae loves it even more. Endless pets and attention from people?? Duh! He is all over that.


Happy dog! And he didn’t even get any dessert. So easy to please.

Tyler and I can’t wait to have people over again regularly and get back into normal habits. What simple traditions make you happy??


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