house update – fresh paint

We painted the house! Doesn’t it look so cute? I love how it turned out so much! The yellow we picked was perfect. We went with Clay Dust (a Dunn Edwards color). It’s the same yellow Eric painted Sookie’s house in TrueBlood. Here are some photos of the day (yes, Tyler painted it in one day… He’s a professional). Trae and I “helped” as much as we could. I.e. Trae sat around smiling while I snapped photos of Tyler painting. I did help paint the porch a little though.

Peek-a-boo! See Robin inside?

How spooky does this masked off window look? It was so weird being inside while Tyler was painting.

See, I helped a little!

We are so in love with our little yellow house! It looks so much better than the fifty shades of tan it was before.

Next on our list is installing a new screen door. Our security gate is broken and we want to have a more traditional front porch screen anyway. Tyler is installing that this weekend. Can’t wait!


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