simple omelet

simple omelet ll

Don’t omelets sound really fancy and complicated? Not to you? Just me? Fair enough. Well, last year I decided I would really impress Tyler and make him an omelet. When I looked up recipes I was (happily) shocked at how simple they were to make.

simple omelet ll workhardstayhappy.comsimple omelet ll workhardstayhappy.comsimple omelet ll

Simple Omelet – makes one

3-4 eggs (I used three eggs and one egg white)

salt + spices (to taste)

shredded cheese

chopped veggies of choice (bell pepper, onion, mushroom, spinach, tomato, etc)

Heat a greased 9″ cast iron over medium low heat. Whisk the eggs in a bowl like you would for scrambled eggs. Pour them into the heated pan. Season and salt to taste. Meanwhile, sauté your veggies over medium high heat until softened. If you use spinach or tomatoes, add those at the very end. You just want the spinach to wilt and the tomatoes to soften (if sliced) or pop (if using whole grape tomatoes).

Back to your egg. After about 3-4 minutes, once the egg starts to solidify, carefully lift up one edge of the omelet with a spatula and let some of the runny egg pour into the hot pan. This will help the egg cook faster and have less chance of burning while waiting for the egg to solidify.

simple omelet ll workhardstayhappy.comsimple omelet ll workhardstayhappy.comsimple omelet ll workhardstayhappy.comOnce your omelet is solid and the top isn’t runny anymore, slide it onto your plate. Top with some cheese and veggies.

simple omelet ll

Carefully close the omelet. A spatula is really handy for this. Top with cheese and serve!

simple omelet ll workhardstayhappy.comsimple omelet ll


*Side note about cast iron: See how my omelet has some dark spots on the bottom? That’s not because it’s burnt. It’s from my very used and loved cast iron pan. If you are considering buying a new pan, I really recommend making it a cast iron. It is so versatile and cooks like a dream. Plus, I love that it goes straight from stove top to oven. It’s a timeless, durable, heavy duty tool that you can use and love for years and years. Most of my pans are my grandma’s. Yeah, they really do last. What’s also great is that all they require to be cleaned is a quick wipe down with a dry or wet rag (it’s best to clean while still hot). Then once it’s cooled, put it away until tomorrow’s meal. So, have I sold you on cast iron yet?*


6 thoughts on “simple omelet

  1. I used to find that omelets were impossible to cook. I always tried to fold them in the pan. They would break apart and all the filling would come out into the pan. I would have to make it into a scramble. I have mastered it since then!

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