yellow highchair

Look what we got! I saw it at one of our local antique malls and it was marked down to $20. I couldn’t resist! All I could picture was one of our nephews or niece sitting on it at our dinner table one night in the future. The kids are all still pretty young, but one day it will come in handy. We had a blue chair that was very similar when I was growing up, and that was my chair. Like, I sat in it even when I was awkwardly too big. It didn’t matter to me though. It was my chair and it was awesome. Hopefully one of our nephews or niece will feel that way about this chair.

The chair is in really good shape. I couldn’t believe that not only was it still around, it was even on sale. Did no one really want this? I guess it was just meant to be. For a quick fix up, I used my new favorite tool: Steel Wool. It really did some magic on the legs. There is a small hole in the leather seat that had a piece of tape over it. We’re not sure what to do about that yet, but for now the damage is so minimal, it can wait.

It even had the original manufacturer tag on it! But, I accidentally got a little too zealous with the Steel Wool and it ripped right off. Oops.

I know, it seems silly to have a highchair in the middle of a childless home. But, besides the fact that we do have tons of kiddos in the family, and it’s a super cute yellow… It’s a stool! I used our other stool almost every day in our last house and this house so far. Not only am I a little short, our cupboards in this kitchen are crazy high. They go all the way to the 8 foot ceiling! So even when the kids aren’t over here, it will get tons of use.

What random, but useful, pieces of furniture do you have in your home?


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