happy 4th y’all


Happy 4th of July! I know, it’s the 7th. But it’s 4th of July weekend so it still counts. And, I’m sharing my pictures from our party on the 4th. So, enjoy this last little bit of celebration before work tomorrow.


Not to brag, but our party was awesome. Lots of food, friends, babies, and alcohol. We went for the traditional burgers and hotdogs menu.


It was really great seeing everyone just sitting around talking and laughing and smiling.


We had tons of food! And thanks to Costco, we didn’t break the bank for this party either. Plus, everyone brought beer and some sort of dessert which was really nice!


I made a delicious sangria recipe. It is a new (dangerous) favorite.


Everyone that we invited was able to come. I love that! We had such a good group celebrating with us.


We had some really delicious desserts too. My mom made my favorite Apple Berry Buckle! People also brought cupcakes, pie, and brownies. Yum!


We played this random game that the tenants before us left behind. It was pretty fun!


Once the sun went down we started a bonfire. And then finished off the night with sparklers.


We had such a fun time throwing our first little party, and I can’t wait to throw a bigger one later this summer!

What did you do on the 4th??


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