diy painted spoons

You know what I love? Honey colored wood and bright colors and/or white. Most of our house is honey and white with pops of bright colors. I have been obsessing over wood spoons with colored handles. But, those can be pricey. So I made my own.

I went with the cheapest pack of wooden utensils I could find at Target. This one was about $5. The quality isn’t amazing, but they are still pretty nice bamboo spoons.

The original idea was to pick one color to create a set. Well, that didn’t exactly work well for me. I loved all three of these colors! So, why not one of each?

This project is easy, but not quick. It may have been faster if I sanded the spoons to get the glossed finish off of them. But I decided just to go ahead and paint them. I taped them off using painter’s tape. To make sure the paint didn’t bleed through, I pressed it very firmly into the handle to seal the tape.

I used a sponge brush because it was all we had. A regular paintbrush would work just as well. These took many coats also. That clear coating was really stubborn and if the paint wasn’t very dry between coats, it would slide off. Again, that’s why I think a light sanding would have sped this process up.

I saw a tutorial on Pinterest a while ago about making polkadot wrapping paper using an eraser and white paint. It was so cute! So I thought, hey, why not on spoons?

It worked really well! It would have been even better with a brand new unused eraser (mine was a little rounded on top), but heck! I was still happy with how it came out!

They are so bright and cheery! I love the different lengths of color too. It makes them really special. This project is fun because you can customize it really easy. Any color, any pattern! These would also be a great gift for someone. You could customize it to the color scheme of their home or their wedding colors.

What colors would you choose?


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