HappySnaps 5


Wow! HappySnaps 5?!? That means we have been doing this for five whole weeks! Time has been going by too fast. Luckily, we are able to capture these little moments in the crazy blur.


Look at this light Tyler unearthed from the bushes in our front yard. It was completely hidden in the ivy. It is so cool!


The first flowers we purchased to fill our home. I never used to go for sunflowers, but in the past year or so I have been in love with their bright yellow petals!


We have been working like crazy in the yard. Any downtime we have is spent ripping things out and cutting things back. We’re trying to get ready for planting grass. That will be really interesting!


This is a fun little shot from our friend’s wedding we were in last weekend. It was taken by Hannah of Elate Photo… You should check her out. She is really talented!


These girls… they bring us so much happiness.


We have a pretty decent collection of old photographs. Some from Tyler’s family, some from swap meets. They are all really cool. I never can decide how to showcase them. When I saw some posts on pinterest about blowing up photos for under $10 I had to try it! These two photos are 3 feet by 2 feet! That’s huge! It was only 15 dollars for both. They are so fun! We used fabric covered tacks to hang them too, so there are little pops of color in each corner. Both of these photos are from Tyler’s family.


And finally, the cutest photo of my happy little nephew. I am so in love with him! Look at that smile!

What made your week happy??


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