4th of July diy


It’s almost the Fourth of July! Wow! Where did June go?? Anyway, Tyler and I both agreed that one of the first parties we wanted to host at the new house would be on the 4th. Something small, but fun (sparklers!!). I used to dream of hosting parties at our house, and now it’s actually a reality! This is one of my favorite holidays too. I decided to make some simple little food decorations and drink stir sticks.


What you need: red, white, and blue construction paper, precise scissors, skewers, glue stick, ribbon.


I started by drawing out one star. Then after checking to see if the size was what I wanted, I (sort of) used it as a template for the other ones. They all still came out pretty different, but that’s what makes them cute and unique! I cut my skewers in half(ish) so they wouldn’t be too long. The stars with the sharp ends will go into the food, and the stars with the flat ends will be for the drinks.


Then I glued the sticks to the back of the star. See? Easy! I doubled up a few of the stars to make more of a starburst shape. Those ended up being my favorite!

I actually didn’t like the ribbon stick as much as the stars. It reminded me of those fancy toothpicks they put in your sandwich. And after all of the trouble the ribbon was giving me, I stopped after one.


I will definitely make a ton more for the party. So cute! I can’t wait to decorate with these!

What are your plans for the 4th?


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