vintage Cosco bar cart & the grappler

Look at this thing. I found it for $10 dollars on CraigsList. I’ve known I really wanted a bar cart for entertaining for a long time now. When I saw this I knew it was perfect. So much potential in this neglected little cart. Plus, we went on a really fun adventure to get it.

It really needed some work. Whoever owned it completely abused it. I think it’s funny how many times we find something amazing that the owner completely gave up on just because it needed a little work. And then it turned into a rusted rotten mess (aka a fun challenge for us).

The lining was really cute and unique, but in horrible shape. It peeled off so easy! And taking the cart apart was a cinch too.

Once everything was taken apart, I sanded and sanded and sanded. Most of the rust came off. The really stubborn stuff just got some extra love with the primer.

We used a white primer because we decided to repaint it yellow, and that would be easier to cover. Gray would be more ideal for a darker paint color.

Ta-da! Awesome, right? We love it! It came out so pretty.. and it was minimal work. You could even do this without taking the whole thing apart, just tape off the metal sides (unless yours is in horrible shape like ours was, then take it apart. It’s worth it). I took it apart to give it some extra love, and we bought new screws for it which will lengthen its life and improve its sturdiness.

I used steel wool to brighten up and remove rust from the metal handles. WOW what a huge difference it made! It’s my new favorite tool for restorations.

I figured if I’m sharing a post about our new bar cart, might as well make one of my new favorite drinks right? Tyler named this the Grappler. This drink was one of those accidental drinks that came from an (almost) empty fridge. It’s another easy, but flavorful drink. Just two ingredients.

the Grappler, makes one

1.5 oz Stoli apple vodka

3 oz grapefruit juice (fresh squeezed, or not)

grapefruit wedge (for garnish)

Pour vodka & grapefruit juice over ice. Stir, garnish, and drink.

This drink is pretty sweet, and the apple vodka takes all bitterness out of the grapefruit juice, which results in a really refreshing (alcoholic) drink. I was surprised by how delicious this combination was. It sounds…. weird. But it isn’t. It’s delicious.

This drink is definitely a “base” drink for something more creative. I just don’t know what yet. It will be fun to experiment. Plus, after decorating our new cart, I realized how measly our drink collection is. I guess we will need to bulk it up soon!

If you’re not much of a drinker or a party hoster, this cart is still a fun easy project that has so much potential. It could be used in the kitchen for extra storage. It could be a cute coffee bar with mugs and an espresso machine. If you have room, it could go in the bathroom to hold pretty toiletries. It could go in the dining room to hold extra dishes or serve-ware.

Where will you put your cart?


2 thoughts on “vintage Cosco bar cart & the grappler

  1. Love this happy yellow cart. So fun! I would put a watermelon slices and stuff to make a watermelon margarita with!

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