grandma’s table

workhardstayhappy.comToday I finally finished a project at the new house! It’s really nice working on things in our own backyard. We are both so grateful for my mom’s generosity with her backyard and house during the last three years, but it is such a nice feeling working on something at your own home. I started this project at my mom’s, and finished it here.

workhardstayhappy.comworkhardstayhappy.comThis is the table grandma was willing to trade for the (now) green one. Isn’t it awesome?? So many times throughout the years of owning this table, my grandpa and uncles tried to make her get rid of the set. Lucky for us, she is pretty stubborn.

workhardstayhappy.comworkhardstayhappy.comworkhardstayhappy.comI started by taking the whole table and chairs apart. Then I sanded and primed everything.

workhardstayhappy.comIMG_2019workhardstayhappy.comI decided to paint the table and chairs bright orange! It’s so bright and happy! So perfect for our new house.

workhardstayhappy.comworkhardstayhappy.comWe had some trouble deciding what to do with the seats. They have a metal frame, and the seat is actually made from this weird rope-ish material. It’s really awesome, but was really rotten in some spots and hard to paint. We decided to leave the centers as is for now, and maybe once they all rot through we will replace it with wood slats or something fun. We decided to keep all of the seat white, hopefully to not draw attention to the condition of the rope.

workhardstayhappy.comworkhardstayhappy.comworkhardstayhappy.comThe chairs sat like this for a the last two weeks while we were moving in and party planning. Today I finally put them together and set them up in one corner of our backyard.

workhardstayhappy.comworkhardstayhappy.comworkhardstayhappy.comworkhardstayhappy.comWe love how they turned out!! Thanks Grandma!


One thought on “grandma’s table

  1. I miss watching your “projects” come to life at my house….at the same time, I am thrilled you and Tyler have a beautiful yard and workshop of your own!!

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