HappySnaps 4


Welcome back to HappySnaps! This week has been insanely busy! We are (still) getting settled in our house, prepping to be in our friend’s wedding, and next weekend is my sister’s birthday. Maybe after that we will get some sleep….. In the mean time, here are some HappySnaps for you : )


Such a sweet housewarming gift from our friend (and Bride-to-Be) Gabi. Everything was so thoughtful and perfect! We are still blown away by how much love people have been showing us throughout the new move.


Some snapshots from baking for the bachelorette party last weekend. Notice that kitty paw in the pie dough? Yeah, that was Robin “helping” me.


Obsessed with this gorgeous tile in the bathroom at Buca di Beppo!


Two of our cutie nephews. So in love with them both!


Tuesday night we went to Ikea for some miscellaneous items. We had some fun while we were there ; ).


We sold Tyler’s truck Saturday morning. It was a really hard decision for us to make. We both loved the truck so much, but it was such a small car that it just killed Tyler’s back and knees when he had to go long distances for work. So right now, we are carpooling! Last year we carpooled almost all year and it makes our mornings so much better! That extra time together is really nice. We are definitely enjoying it.

That’s it for this week’s HappySnaps. Tomorrow we are in our friend’s wedding (!!) so expect to see lots of happy from that! (And I promise to post a normal post next week, i.e. not one solely about our new house)


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