party time

A couple of our good friends are getting married next Friday (!!), so this weekend was their bachelor/bachelorette parties. We got to host part of it at our house! It was a fun, small, party. Perfect for our first one at the new house.

We knew we wanted to hang up lights whenever we moved into a real house, so it was really exciting seeing them go up. These lights were used at our wedding, so they are extra special. Besides the lights, the only really “party prep” was unpacking the house. We unpacked it all and even had time to decorate a bit.

In the morning, we threw Gabi a surprise picnic. It was very fun and mellow. We just hung out, ate a lot of breakfast, and talked. The guys were out on an all day hike to Devil’s Punch Bowl.

workhardstayhappy.comAfter the picnic, we went our separate ways and then met up again that night for dinner. Afterward we came to our house for dessert!

I made mini blueberry cream cheese hand pies. They were really delicious and so easy!

workhardstayhappy.comworkhardstayhappy.comThe beautiful Bride-to-Be!

The bachelor party ended way earlier than ours, so we had all the guys come join our dessert party. We were all really glad because even though girl time is fun, we missed our guys!!

Everyone had a lot of fun celebrating the bride and groom, just talking and hanging out. Our first “party” was definitely a success and I can’t wait to have people over for a real, big, party this summer, with lots of BBQs in-between!


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