HappySnaps 3


It’s Friday! This week has been exhausting, but SO worth every late night and early morning. Honestly, it was hard for me to narrow down my HappySnaps choices this week. So many great things are going on!


We found this on our car one morning before we moved. What a sweet little sentiment! Things like this mean so much to us. One thing we are going to miss so much about our old condo is the community there. We knew almost every person on our street, and every trip to the parking lot was a social event.



Some party prep work… I love parties!


Lunch at home! Always so much better than lunch at the office right?


Our sweet little nephew Abel came over last night for a quick visit. We love him so much! This little guy always brightens our days!


The house has really started coming along nicely. We set up the front yard with some lights! They turned out so beautiful.  Also, those chairs are a little sneak peek at an upcoming project post over here!

What made your week happy?


2 thoughts on “HappySnaps 3

  1. I am loving seeing the pictures of your house coming together, and don’t get me started on your front yard! The chairs you redid are amazing and the lights, summer BBQ’s at the Moyers!

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