Moving Day

We did it! With the help and generosity of Tyler’s brother and friends, we made it into the new house in one day. Mostly. We left a few things behind that could be grabbed later in our cars. Since Saturday afternoon, our life has consisted of unpacking boxes, eating (lots of) pizza, organizing, and yard work.

We have unpacked every box, and I am so amazed by how much storage this little house has. Though, having an attached garage makes storage a lot easier too.

We are far from being done and decorated. But even just throwing things onto shelves in a random order, knowing it will change soon (and it already has), made me feel better. Living in a house full of boxes can be pretty depressing.

Tyler’s mom brought us these flowers the night we moved in. They are so beautiful. And let me tell you, it was so nice seeing something normal and pretty amongst all the mess and boxes.

Last night we ate our first real meal (aka, not pizza) on the lawn because our table fits too awkwardly in this house. Luckily it’s summer time and nice enough to eat outside until Tyler has time to build us a new table.

Another little house warming gift from our sister in law. Such a pretty little addition to our home!

Trae and Robin adjusted really well to the new house. Jolene took an extra day or so hiding behind the couch, but she is right at home now.

We still don’t have internet in our house, so hopefully that will be up soon and we will be back to regular posts over here.


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