HappySnaps 2


HappySnaps are coming a little early this week! Our house is a complete disaster right now. There are packed and empty boxes everywhere. It’s nice to take a minute to appreciate all of the happy moments in this crazy, stressful time.



Last night, with the hopes of adding some normalcy to our now cluttered and hectic life, we went on a little adventure. It was really nice to just ditch packing and and do something fun! We picked up an amazing old cart from the middle of nowhere for $10!! It was totally worth the hour drive each way. And the drive was really beautiful. As soon as we move and get somewhat settled into our new house, the bar cart will be my first project at the new house!



While on our little adventure, our new landlord texted me asking if we could come do the first walk through on the house so she could fix everything we wanted and hopefully hand us the keys today (that’s two days early!). We went straight there after picking up the cart and did our walk through. It was also Trae’s first time exploring the new house. He is going to have so much fun in his new yard. We only pointed out about three things to fix, so hopefully she will be able to finish it today

It was so fun walking through with Tyler, talking about where things would go, how we would decorate, and what we wanted the house to look like. We also both talked about how much the house will change over time. It’s always fun to look back at how we first decorated a space, compared to how it looks a year to two later.

We might be MIA for a few days here, especially if we start moving tomorrow! I am SO glad we are almost done!


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