big news!

We’re moving! We found out last night. I am still in shock about it. We have literally been searching for a house to move to for over a year. I never realized how hard it was to move into a house. A real house!! Moving into an apartment or condo is easy. There is always one for the taking. Renting a house is a whole different ball game.

Luckily, I started storing all of the boxes that came into work for a future move about 6 months ago… so that has been really helpful.The kids are all frisky with the new mess in the house. They were running around, jumping in boxes, out of boxes, lounging in boxes. Every box Tyler picked up he found a cat in it just lounging.


We move in on Friday. We hadn’t packed a single thing, so today was/is full of packing, organizing, and donating.

Everything is in complete disarray. We really have accomplished a lot today, but for all the boxes we have, I thought the place would feel emptier. We just have so much more to pack and go through, sometimes it is overwhelming! We just remind ourselves how worth it this is!

We are SO excited to move. Especially after a year of searching for the right house. It feels so good to know we are moving!! Don’t get me wrong, our condo has been really good to us. It was a huge upgrade from our last place. But it also has a lot of downfalls. And we were both just really ready for a house, a real standalone house! Don’t worry, we will post plenty of photos of the house and information about our little 1940’s home. I can’t wait to get in there and snap some pictures for you!


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