whiskey ginger

work hard, stay happy

So, lately we’ve been making a lot of Moscow Mules… but then we ran out of Vodka. We have been so busy lately and haven’t been to the store in too long. That’s when you get creative.

work hard, stay happy

Whiskey Ginger, makes one

3 lime wedges

2 oz whiskey

3 oz ginger beer (we tried the diet Bunda Berg, it was really flavorful for a diet drink and still had that zing of regular ginger beer)

Squeeze the limes into your glass, then top with ice. Add whiskey and ginger beer, stir, and serve.

work hard, stay happy

work hard, stay happy

I love simple drinks. And this is just that, simple. I feel kind of cheated when I spend a bunch of time on a drink only to suck it down in two minutes. Sometimes I get a wild hair and make something really complicated, but mostly I go for quick and easy.


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