easy french fries

work hard, stay happy

Mmmm… French Fries… Who doesn’t love fries? Really. I could eat French Fries at any time, on any day. Just give me some crispy golden fries and I’m happy. For how easy this recipe is, it’s funny to think that homemade fries are something I struggled to master for a few years. I tried so many techniques… soaking them in cold water, freezing them, frying them in oil, you name it. I tried it. About six months ago I finally figured out what I was lacking: patience. I wanted my fries and I wanted them now. Well guess what, potatoes need some time, and it is totally worth it.

work hard, stay happy

IMG_1723 copy

Easy French Fries

potatoes (I do about 1 regular sized russet per person)

canola oil spray

garlic salt (to taste)

oregano (to taste)

Preheat oven to 475 degrees. Cut potatoes into French Fry shape. Spray with oil, toss with garlic salt and oregano. Remember that potatoes absorb a lot of flavor… like sometimes I recoat them half way through, so don’t be shy with your seasonings. Spread fries onto greased baking sheet. Bake for 25 minutes, then toss/flip. Bake for 25 more, or as much as needed to crispen them.

IMG_1740 copy

work hard, stay happy

I always make these with garlic powder, but my other spices vary. Sometimes I sprinkle them with cheese for the last few minutes! This is a basic recipe with a lot of room to experiment. What’s your favorite French Fry flavor?


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