welcome : spring time


Doesn’t spring just make you think of bright green plants? I have always loved filling my home with indoor plants. One problem, my black thumb. Yes, I’m a plant killer. Not even succulents can ward off my bad luck. Lucky for me, plants are relatively cheap… at least the ones I like. I have however found some plants that love neglect. That’s my kind of plant.


For example, the Snake plant. Found by NASA, not only does it absorb nitrogen oxides and formadahyde, it also could grow in a closet.



Another road block with indoor foliage: cats eat plants. At least, my cats do. They love plants. Besides the fact that it ruins the plant, a lot of them are really harmful to cats. So, I’ve learned to get tricky with my placement, which isn’t easy because I have found Robin in the wildest places.

IMG_1527 copy

IMG_1580 copy


I feel so happy and refreshed when I come home and see these bright green plants smiling back at me. How do you welcome spring into your home?


2 thoughts on “welcome : spring time

  1. What GORGEOUS pictures! I especially like the idea of a plant in the wooden clog. And you literally made me LOL with the picture of your kitteh eyeing the plant. Unfortunately I have the same problem…I’m naturally black-thumbed and my kitteh munches EVERYTHING. Still, I bought a bamboo plant at a fundraiser last week and have it on a shelf high out of her reach…hope springs eternal!

    I am so excited because winter really dragged on this year. With my new bamboo and laying out at the pool, I think spring has begun nicely! 🙂

    • Thank you! The clog was a recent gift and my husband and I both said “planter” at the same time ha ha. Hope your kitty stays out of the bamboo! Happy spring 🙂

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