Mother’s Day

work hard, stay happy

Today is a very special day. A day when we get to celebrate all of the loving, fun, hard working women in our lives. Not all women are moms, but all women have something or someone that they love and take care of. And that is worth celebrating.

IMG_1417 copy

IMG_1414 copy

I am so lucky to be a mom to three beautiful, furry, babies. Trae, Jolene, and Robin bring so much joy and love to my life. They make me smile, even when I don’t feel like I can. They provide constant love and entertainment. Some people don’t understand why Tyler and I don’t feel like having a baby is right for us, but they forget that we already are parents and our lives are so fulfilled by it.

IMG_1461 copy

This is my mom. She has so much love in her heart. She is always there whenever any of us kids have needed it, whether it’s for a good laugh, advice, or a shoulder. We are all so lucky to have her in our lives.

IMG_1484 copy

IMG_1487 copy

Another huge slice of Joy Pie comes from this little baby. I can’t express how amazing he is.  I am so happy for my sister. She is starting this new journey that she has always yearned for. Being a mom is so important to her, and it is so fun watching her get to finally experience it.

IMG_1497 copy

IMG_1501 copy

As my first Mother’s Day gift to Alison, I bought these sweet little shoes for Reid from the antique store. They are huge and he probably won’t wear them until he is 2, but I couldn’t resist.

IMG_1468 copy

And finally, I have to acknowledge the men. I know it’s about moms today and I am not taking that away from them, but can we take a second to appreciate what they contribute? Without them we wouldn’t be moms. Without them we wouldn’t get spoiled today, or get gifts “from” our infant children or our furry babies. These guys make it all possible.

I hope you had a chance to celebrate a special lady in your life. Mom, aunt, sister, cousin, friend, yourself. They all deserve a little celebration today.


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